Tracker Suite

Tracker Suite lets you watch your numbers grow.

Our flagship service is our free Tracker Suite. The Tracker Suite runs silently on your website to collect non-personal data about your visitors, relaying important demographic statistics, traffic sources, and usage metrics to your CannaTrends dashboard.

We utilize several open source tracking platforms to deliver accurate, real-time usage statistics of your website or mobile application, direct to your inbox, browser or phone. This data can then be interpreted to help improve your advertisements. Our custom tracking software monitors the success of each campaign you run so you can see where your marketing dollars are paying off.

Make the process of organizing your website usage data a painless experience.

Just like your favorite 3rd party tracking software, we offer you free information on referring websites, search phrases, visitor duration and frequency, demographics and language, goal conversions, and campaign effectiveness. What sets CannaTrends apart is our experience in marketing toward the cannabis industry. Utilizing our free tracking service, you can not only maximize your return on investment, but also contribute towards a greater collective understanding of the industry.

How does it work?

We provide you with a small piece of tracking code to install on your website (Need help?) along with a login and password to From there you can view your website performance and visitor information. We also have a mobile application in the works that will enable you to check your stats from your Android or iOS device.

For a limited time only, we are offering an introductory FREE TRIAL for 30 days to the CannaTrends Tracker suite.

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